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Sand Dunes

Sinus Drainage / 30 Mins / $30

Manipulating the muscles and lymphatic tissue in chest, neck and face area. Working through any congestion and pressure that may be trapped in sinus cavities. During this massage you may experience some drainage going down the throat, but you will get off the table able to breath better than before. 

TMJ Work / 30 Mins / $30

Warming up the jaw muscles on the outside of the mouth with finger pressure. After warm up, I began massaging the inside the mouth, massaging the cheek muscles along the upper and lower jaw using compression holds with my thumb. Gloves are applied during this service.

Cupping Therapy

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy where inverted plastic cups are applied to the acupuncture points of the body. They are placed and left for the therapist to manipulate muscles in action mode, and placed and relocated for broader areas that are tense. I call it the Deep Tissue Therapy that doesn't make you cry. 


Foot Scrub / 30 Mins / $30

Began with Dry brushing of the feet removing excess dry skin, then applying a Body Sugar Scrub that really helps soften calluses and cracked feet. Then a Moisturized Mud Mask is applied to penetrate into the feet for maximum hydration. Each foot is then massaged with the Body Butter to relieve pain and enhanced moisture. The best part is all the Hot towels in between each stage. 
Scents: Coconut Lime, Champagne & Rose, Pumpkin, Cranberry, and Peppermint Stick

Reiki / 30 Mins / $30

Reiki therapy is based off healing the energy flow within each individual person. We all have energy within us and things in life can be absorbed in and affect the body in many ways. This therapy helps reduce stress, connect with your inner well-being, deal with current or past emotions, connect your mind and spirit, healing the energy within oneself and strengthening it. Aligning the 7 chakras of the body to make it a whole. Each session includes consultation and discussion afterwards. 

Back Scrub / 30 Mins / $30

Applying a Body Sugar Scrub to the back exfoliating the skin removing dead skin. Then applying a Moisturized Mud Mask with a hot towel on top for deep moisture penetration. While it sits perform a scalp massage, then remove it and begin back massage.

Hot Stones / $20

Add some hot stones to any massage for instant heat to promote deep relaxation and tension release. 

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