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Swedish Massage

Designed to relax the entire body by rubbing the muscles in long, gliding strokes to promote better circulation and flexibility. Also increases your level of oxygen intake. Pressure varies per clients' needs/wants. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Centers on realigning the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue. Releasing tension and knots using slow strokes and deep pressure finger / elbow compression holds.

A very relaxing massage that also puts your body into a detox mode. Using a Swedish technique, massaging with natural jojoba oil and integrating individual hot stones to every part of the body for total relaxation. Water intake is essential with this massage, as it removes tension and toxins from the body by just a change in temperature.


Reiki therapy is based off healing the energy flow within each individual person. We all have energy within us and things in life can be absorbed in and affect the body in many ways. This therapy helps reduce stress, connect with your inner well-being, deal with current or past emotions, connect your mind and spirit, healing the energy within oneself and strengthening it. Aligning the 7 chakras of the body to make it a whole. Each session includes consultation and discussion afterwards. 

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage
30 Minutes     $50
60 Minutes     $75
90 Minutes     $95
120 Minutes     $125
150 Minutes     $155
Speciality Massages

Hot Stone Massage  
90 Minutes     $130

(includes consultation + assessment)
60 Minutes      $65

Native American Hot Stone Therapy

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